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Guide | Texte | PDF | 2014
IBFAN’s position on maternity protection at work and the tools for advocacy needed to increase the implementation of measures that enable mothers to participate as equals in the workplace while exercising their reproductive rights to breastfeed
International Babyfood Action Network (IBFAN)

Vidéo | Image en Mouvement | Web | 2015
Dans le cadre de la Semaine mondiale de l'allaitement maternel 2015 sous le thème de l'allaitement et du travail, Alive & Thrive et l'UNICEF ont créé cet animation pour montrer les avantages de la création d’environnement favorable à…
Alive and Thrive, UNICEF
Guide | Texte | PDF | 2011
Document produit par le gouvernement des États-Unis afin de faire un appel à l'action pour instaurer une culture favorable à l'allaitement. « This Call to Action describes specific steps people can take to participate in a society-wide approach to…
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Guide | Texte | PDF | 2008
This publication will assist your organization in creating a family-friendly workplace that will enable employees to achieve a balance between their career and parenting responsibilities.
Ontario Public Health Association Breastfeeding Promotion Workgroup
Guide | Texte | PDF | 2013
Support for breastfeeding is needed in many different arenas including hospitals and birth centers, worksites, and communities. This Guide builds upon the research evidence demonstrating effective intervention strategies and offers relevant…
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Guide | Texte | PDF | 2014
This package was created to help breastfeeding families advocate for their breastfeeding rights. (...) Asking a breastfeeding mother to move to a new location, stop breastfeeding, or cover up is a violation of these rights. This package may help you…
Batool, Zahra. Radcliff, Josalyn. Howard, Kristin. Cooper, Tiffany. Serroul, Rebecca.

Trousse d'outil | Web | Web
Becoming an accredited Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace is simple two step process. Step 1. Work through the BFW toolkits to become accreditation ready.  Step 2. Apply for an accreditation audit.
Australian Breastfeeding Association