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Aide-mémoire | Web | Web | 2018
These recommendations by the Assembly have the same legal status as the Code, clarifying and
extending certain provisions. For Code implementation, both Code and resolutions are equally relevant.

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Guide | Texte | PDF
Un guide pratique pour soutenir les gestionnaires de n'importe quel lieu susceptible d'accueillir une femme allaitante pour le rendre favorable à l'allaitement.
Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit

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Dépliant | Texte | PDF | 2010
Policies and Practices that help Families:
- Before Pregnancy
- During Pregnancy
- In the transition to Parenting
- During Breastfeeding
Health Nexus Santé

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Aide-mémoire | Texte | PDF | 2018
The Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) awards Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace (BFW) accreditation to organisations that provide three simple criteria to support their breastfeeding employees.
1. Space
2. Time
3. Support
Australian Breastfeeding Association

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Tableau présentant l'adaptation des 10 conditions de l'OMS pour le Canada. Ne s'applique pas au Québec.
Agence de la santé publique du Canada

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Fiche | Texte | PDF | 2018
IBFAN-ICDC fact sheet on BFHI and the Code : Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding (2018)

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Plaidoyer | Texte | PDF | 2015
Infants and young children are highly vulnerable to the effects of climatechange. They are the first ones who suffer in the disasters caused byglobal warming and environmental degradation.
International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN)

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Guide | Web | PDF | 2020
This frequently asked questions (FAQ) document aims to provide health workers with information on their specific roles and responsibilities in protecting breastfeeding practices against the inappropriate promotion of breastmilk substitutes by…
Organisation mondiale de la Santé (OMS)

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Affiche | Image Fixe | PNG | 2019
8 Posters in English for service providers: Indigenous perspective on Breastfeeding
First Nation Health Authority

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Documentaire | Texte | PDF | 2014
This paper attempts to gather scientific evidence that demonstrates how breastfeeding contributes to our healthy lives and environment. (...) it is essential to increase environmental awareness about the impact of formula feeding. It also becomes a…
International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN), Putting child nutrition at the forefront of social change (BPNI)

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